Sky-high vineyards



The vineyards of only ten acres are located on the slopes of the Andean piedmont in the province of Salta, Argentine.
At 7,200 feet above sea level, it is among the highest altitude vineyards in the world.
This region of incredible natural beauty is renowned for its distinctive top-notch wines.



At this altitude, climate conditions are extreme – sunshine is particularly intense, winters are cold, frost is frequent, and thermal amplitude, the temperature variation between day and night, may reach 77°F. This difference in temperature favors the concentration of the chemical elements that characterize our grapes.
The soil is loose-textured and sandy, and very permeable where the plants develop all their aromas.
Irrigation comes from drainage ditches from the Andes’ spring snow melt, and summer rains.

uvas de malbec en las vinas

Malbec grapes in the vineyards


All aspects of the wine making, from vineyard to cellar, are entirely artisanal, reflecting our uncompromising philosophy of respect for the products of the earth. The yield is small, condition of a great wine.
The moment of harvest is determined according to the optimum maturity of the grapes to obtain the best quality of fruit and the balance of acidity for a long ageing.